Jan. 10th, 2013

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Week 1: Drink Water
This was a horrible start to making changes for me. It wasn't a small change, it was a massive change. I hate the taste of water, and ordinarily wouldn't drink it alone! On the first day I tried to drink nothing but water (and one coffee!). I was most unimpressed and the next day was ready to pack it in. Since I'd committed myself, I didn't want to do that, I settled on drinking 3 glasses of water a day. This I feel I can keep up for the full year.

Adding in the three glasses has been surprisingly easy after that awful first day. It feels like a success every time I finish it and there have been some added benefits:

i) I don't snack as much. It isn't so much that I feel full up, it's that the cravings for chocolate and the like are cut right back.
ii) Much softer, clear skin. It's amazing what a difference a few days can make!
iii) I will spend much less money on fizzy drinks, so saving as well!

What Week 2 Will Bring
I looked up Week 2 the morning of the second week and groaned. If possible this week looks harder. I need to:

Get more zzzzzzs. In other words sleep 7-8 hours a night and starting going to bed at the same time each day to establish a routine!

I maybe acting like a dramalama but OMG this is horrible. I RP so I tend to stay up late into the night and it varies depending on the day or the people around. While I am not in work, I am going to start by getting the 7-8 hours sleep a night. When I get back into work I can see about a routine with maybe a sacrifice on the hours of sleep I get. There is no way I am going to start going to bed before midnight if I work!

Next update shall be next Wednesday!
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I have grown up with my parents listening to the Archers on Radio 4 at 7pm every day. The program is about a farming community and lasts about ten minutes. I’ve never got the fascination with the setting or how they could get addicted to such a short program.

Well now I have my own ten minute program:

House of Anubis. It’s a Nickelodeon teens program and its cheesy as hell. For these very reasons I should hate it but damn it’s addictive. It’s an Egyptian horror mystery set in a boarding school. And I swear. At the end of every episode there is a cliffhanger. e.g. They are on the point of solving part of the mystery and the episode ends. Then you are duty bound to watch the next episode to see how it resolves itself. It is a vicous cycle and before you know it you are addicted!

An example of the pure cheese. They need to get the Headmaster out of his office so they can recover something from within it. So they send him on a wild goose chase. Literally. They release a goose into the school corridors and the Headmaster ends up chasing after it to catch it. Honestly I laughed.

In the first series Nina the main character is charged with finding the pieces of a cup before the evil adults find them first. Hint there are a lot of wonderfully evil adults in the series! Most of the mystery takes places in their boarding house ‘Anubis’. They are given riddles as they uncover each object to get to the next. It’s a race against time and the adults and its thoroughly enjoyable.

I have seen series 2 and it’s wonderful and dark. The gang are haunted by an Egyptian ghost who wants them to recover an artifact for her. She’s a little bit crazy and pushes them through the clues with death threats and punishments. Again the whole thing is corny but utterly addictable.

Have a trailer of series 1 so you can see what I mean!

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I saw the film the first day it came out. If I had reviewed it then, it would have gone something like this:

adghgkhglhdllflsl elves adghgkhslglsl dwarves adgghgkhlslgdllsl scenery afgghkfgkllfglfkgkfk EVERYTHING

So uh that wouldn’t have been a particularly helpful review.

I went to see it again with my parents yesterday and I am a little more coherent now. Her goes. It is faithful to the book(s). Okay I am counting it as books because Peter Jackson has pulled details from the greater history of Middle Earth. The riddles in the dark were perfect. They didn’t skimp on it and showed the Gollum/Smeagol thing beautifully.

It had the feel of the kids book, the dwarves had plenty of comedy and the battles were more fun rather than OMG EPIC. And the scenery was so pretty. asfggksl. I want to go back to New Zealand and tramp through those spots again.

I was disappointed by a few of the jokes, they referred to crochet and golf which is far too modern. Tolkien imagine Middle Earth to be England’s own old folklores and it didn’t fit in.

But overall I heart dwarves + wizard + hobbit adventuring over Middle Earth.

Oh and see it in 3d. [personal profile] halfbloodly saw it in 2d the second time and she said it didn’t look right!


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