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16 moons, 16 years
16 of your deepest fears
16 times you dreamed my tears
Falling, falling through the year

After I bought the book I heard it was being hailed as the next Twilight. It was with a groan that I started reading it two days a go. I was prepared to want to hurl it against the nearest wall or to rip the pages out in frustration. Instead I found myself hooked.

The story is set in the deep south of America that is still obsessed with the Civil War. Our main heroes Ethan and Lena, like any good YA novel, have feelings for each other. Ethan is mortal and Lena has the powers of a Caster (think Witch but without all the pointy hats and cauldrons). Lena is cursed, and on her 16th birthday fate will either make her a force for good or evil.

What's great about the story is the rich history around the curse that enfolds like a good mystery. The story is told from Ethan's point of view and the story draws you in as you share his hopes and fears as he struggles to help free Lena from the curse.

The whole story is dark and twisty. If you like that and you enjoy a supernatural read pick it up. I promise it's no Twilight and there are no sparkly vampires.
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Fault In Our Stars by John Green was in the sale. It wasn't why I picked it up though! Two awesome friends mentioned it in passing on Plurk. The book needs to come with a warning, it will tear your heart out. It won't do it because you are reading a story about a girl with terminal cancer. You will because of the descriptions on the world and her thoughts on how she and others see their places in the world. It's funny too, the book challenges you to laugh and look passed all the pain and look at the good things in life and how people try to protect each other from pain.

There is love, teenage angst, a washed up writer, a guy who smokes cigarettes without smoking them and hope.

It felt like losing your co-rememberer meant losing the memory itself, as if the things we’d done were less real and important then they had been hours before.


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