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I saw the film the first day it came out. If I had reviewed it then, it would have gone something like this:

adghgkhglhdllflsl elves adghgkhslglsl dwarves adgghgkhlslgdllsl scenery afgghkfgkllfglfkgkfk EVERYTHING

So uh that wouldn’t have been a particularly helpful review.

I went to see it again with my parents yesterday and I am a little more coherent now. Her goes. It is faithful to the book(s). Okay I am counting it as books because Peter Jackson has pulled details from the greater history of Middle Earth. The riddles in the dark were perfect. They didn’t skimp on it and showed the Gollum/Smeagol thing beautifully.

It had the feel of the kids book, the dwarves had plenty of comedy and the battles were more fun rather than OMG EPIC. And the scenery was so pretty. asfggksl. I want to go back to New Zealand and tramp through those spots again.

I was disappointed by a few of the jokes, they referred to crochet and golf which is far too modern. Tolkien imagine Middle Earth to be England’s own old folklores and it didn’t fit in.

But overall I heart dwarves + wizard + hobbit adventuring over Middle Earth.

Oh and see it in 3d. [personal profile] halfbloodly saw it in 2d the second time and she said it didn’t look right!
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There is nothing like watching a film with old British actors with old British family! Since they will hopefully never find this and read it, I don't mind calling them old!

The word for this film is sweet. It's set in India. A young guy runs a hotel (badly! He's a cute guy really!) and the cast end up staying there. It's a gentle romantic comedy that tries to teach you life lessons. When Judy Dench says 'Those who do not try, gain nothing' it doesn't sound that silly.

They cover all the romance including the gay one. It amazed me how well they handled that plot. My dad didn't once start snorting and ranting about 'poofters.'

I highly recommend it for a quiet evening with a glass of wine.


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