May. 27th, 2015

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* Fill out the form below for your character, and let us know what your character has been up to.
* Go around to other characters and discuss ways your characters may have interacted in handwaved settings. This could include what happens in the living arrangements and what kind of roomie your character is, drinking, sparring interactions or anything you can think of!
* For example, a couple of characters could be having a secret poker game every Friday night!

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How is my driving?

Sometimes, we want a little a feedback on how we are playing our characters, perhaps the character's voice has been slipping or we've done a canon update and want to know how it is going! This is your opportunity to ask for feedback and to help other players out. It is completely voluntary!

Now we know that people are worried that this will cause negative emotions and hurt, so we've put some rules in place:

* The mods will monitor the HMD.
* Anon commenting is off
* Give critique, and do not leave nasty comments. For example:

Bad: I hate how you write.

Good I really enjoy writing with you and I think you have your characters down perfectly. Sometimes I find your posts a little hard to read because there are no breaks and would find it easier to read if the tag was broken up into paragraphs. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

* Remember the critique can be positive and you can people what they are doing well with the their characters!


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